Version 3.0 of Space Federation Unification Wars -
  What is UC 2 or Unification Wars version 2.0 and 3.0 ? 

Year 2015

Due to the rapid changes in UI Stephen started working to update the original UC to improve on the UI in the



  So, what is this Unification Wars 3.0 ? 

Year 2010

Stephen started working on Unification Wars version 3.0, it is meant to improve on some game aspect and to further improve on the UI. Sadly during this time Stephen started working on a new project HobbyNCoffee which would eventually evolve into its final form MalaysiaBarista

Coding was at 99% completion when Stephen became too busy and as usual totally forgot about the update for years. The update was already at alpha beta testing ready, and pending alpha testing. Heck even the Alpha server have been setup. Eventually this Alpha never made it to the public and remains on a private server, and the update was never really completed nor activated on the UC server.
Stephen: Now in the year 2020 and looking back to this pictures and the sheer amount work I have put into this, I am deeply sadden that all this work will not see the light of the day and no players would actually be able to even try or play this version. I will always wonder the `what if I have went ahead with the Alpha`

Sample screenshot is as below. Ya ignore the title 3800Ad as the alpha server was running on a cloned 3800Ad server

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