Space Federation Unification Wars -
  What is Unification Wars? 

Unification Wars is a space theme strategy game, that allows players to explore and colonize planets, research technology, build ships, and to wage war. This includes improve their own economy balancing diplomatic relationships with other players, and joining or participating in Federations (space-guilds) or Federation Wars.

Among some of the cool features includes:
- explore and colonize planets. Then group this planets into vast sectors, and then arrange this sectors either for political, economic, defensive or offensive purposes
- ability to upgrade sectors
- ability to call reinforcements from allied fleet in neighbouring sectors for defensive or offensive purposes
- large scale galactic/universal events from fighting space monsters, space invaders, death matches, or stopping someone from blowing up the server
- ability for a Federation (guild) to build up the server (yeah!)
- war strategy that includes placements of ships
- thousands of possible fleet combination including, 6 alien races, 10 ship class (fighter to dreadnoughts) and various ship role (tank, assault, artillery)
- a million other features

Various screenshot samples of how the game looks like is as below

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