The history of Space Federation Galactic Conquest -
  How did it all started? 

Galactic Conquest is the first game, Stephen Yong created in Dec 2002. The game took 3 months to code, and finally went online Feb 2003. Two of the key friends who have encouraged Stephen to start on this venture includes Audrey and Lucy both created accounts on this new game to play with Stephen and initially the game was meant for friends only. Various friends of Stephen were invited to the game; and many join mainly because Stephen have a decent group of friends who all love strategy games.

After a couple of weeks, those friends invited more of their friends to play and tons of request started to flood in. Various suggestions of what this small group of players would like to see, what the game should have and must have, fixes and add-ons. Eventually Stephen was working a full-time job at 9 am to 6 pm, and working on this game from 8 pm to 2 am, and again from 6 am to 9 am every single day.
A small break occured when one of Malaysia's main newspaper `News Straits Times` wrote an article on the game in Apr 2003. This brough in thousands of new players. With this new influx of players, Stephen`s work load increased and sleep have been further reduced. The game was improving at an astronomical pace thanks to this boost.

When the Malaysia's main newspaper `The Star` (there is only two main newspaper The Star and News Straits Times) in June featured Galactic Conquest on the IT section, along with a full page picture feature, along with 3 full page of article on the game. This big exposure created an extremely large influx of new players.

  Special thanks 

Special thanks to:

1. Audrey & Lucy, if it wasnt for you I wouldnt have made GC

2. News Strait Times and The Star newspaper for giving GC the expoure

3. Treg , the first GC admin that made all this possible. He is solely responsible for all the maths involved in improving balancing and the ship attributes to created ensure strategy is an important aspect in fleet battles.

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