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  What is 3700 AD and 3800 AD 

While Unification Wars is set in the year 10,000 AD, 3700 AD and 3800 AD game is set in the year respective years 3700-3800 AD based on the same game universe of Unification Wars but in a more RPG mix Strategy theme rather than pure strategy theme for Unification Wars.

The game allows the player to explore an extremely vast AI generated map that consist of star systems, solar systems, galaxies, connected with a lot of jump-gates via jump-lanes. This includes many hidden star systems and jump gates for players to explore.

Players can use jump-gates for instant travel or manually fly to explore the map. Some hidden star systems or jump-lanes will appear if you fly close enough to them and is not display on the `galactic map`.

Game was designed by Stephen Yong as an add on to the Unification Wars game universe with hopes to integrate both the RPG elements of 3700 and 3800 AD games to the Unification Wars series game. Unfortunately after 2 years making 3700 and 2 years making 3800 both game failed to properly integrate and connect with the Unification Wars forcing them to act as a stand alone game seperated from the Unification Wars game.

Due to lack of user base that has interest in RPG theme games (as all players in Unification Wars series are more keen on strategy games), both game was ultimately left abandoned with minimal or low player counts if compared to the millions of players on Unification Wars.


Among some of the interesting features includes a simulated real-world supply and demand game-item system that NPC vendors will stock items base on player demand. Items varies between rarity from common to legendary, and depends on algorithm when and where they should appear. Each item is unique on its own, having its own unique attributes making each and every single item in the game different from one another.


Players fly around in their own space ship which they can buy/sell to either upgrade or downgrade their space ships, and each space ship can be equip with various items that features personel, armor, weapons, cargo, resource mining or generation, transport of people (think taxi), engines, warp drives, scanners and the list goes on.

There is over 20 different classes of ships. Each ship is generated to be unique, and no two ships is the same in terms of attributes and performance.

Below is sample screenshot of the game


Game Tutorial on how to space travel











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